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  • Faculty

Baek-Young Choi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
E-mail: choiby at umkc dot edu

  • PhD Students

Daehee (Danny) Kim
E-mail: at umkc dot edu

Hyungbae Park
E-mail: hpark at umkc dot edu

Sunae Shin
E-mail: sshin at umkc dot edu

Xinjie Guan
E-mail: xgck9 at umkc dot edu

Kaustubh Dhondge
E-mail: Kaustubh.Dhondge at umkc dot edu

Haymanot (Helen) Gebre-Amlak
E-mail: hhgc77 at umkc dot edu

Md Mainul Islam Mamun
E-mail: mmcd9 at umkc dot edu

Md Tajul Islam
E-mail: mi8rd at umkc dot edu


Daehee (Danny) Kim: Ph.D., Spring'15, Initial employment: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point


Hyungbae Park: Ph.D., Summer'15, Initial employment: University of Central Missouri


Jung Hwan Kim: Ph.D., Spring'11, Initial employment: Openet, Thesis title:"Quality of Service and Channel-aware Packet Bundling for Capacity Improvement in Cellular Networks"


Joel Lopes: MS, Fall’10, Initial employment - Google, Inc.

Raghavendra Praneeth Pendyala: (Co-advised with Dr. C. Beard), MS, Summer'10, Initial employment: Research in Motion (RIM)

Yue Wang: MS, Summer'08, Initial employment: DST Systems, MO, now a consultant in China

Sourik Samaddar: MS, Fall'07, Initial employment: AT&T in New Jersey, now with Akamai

Saurabh Bhandari: MS, Spring'07, Co-advised with Dr. E. K. Park, founded Flair Solution Co.

Elijah Frazier: BS, Fall'09, initial employment: Cerner Corp.

  • Past Visitors

Jaewon Choi, Ph.D. Changwon National University, Now with Supercomputing Center, KISTI (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information)



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